FAQ 2017-04-15T20:28:34+00:00
Can I increase my order? 2017-04-16T00:45:45+00:00

Of course you can!

Now you have the chance of order all items that you want. Visit our shop and add whatever that you like to the shopping car.

Why a pledge manager? 2017-04-15T20:28:03+00:00

Reichguard foot knights are a project launched on kickstarter. Pledge manager is the easily way to tell us, what items you want.

Do I have an account? 2017-04-15T20:24:40+00:00

Only kickstarter backers have an account created. If you are one of them, just click over “resert my password” and check your kickstarter email.

If I don’t have an account? 2017-04-15T20:23:56+00:00

It means you are not a kickstarter backer. Just open a new account.

Where is my kickstarter contribution? 2017-04-15T20:23:11+00:00

If you are a Kickstarter backer, we have added funds in your account.

How can I use my account funds? 2017-04-15T20:22:32+00:00

Before pay, you will add your funds into the order.

What is the value of the funds? 2017-04-15T20:21:42+00:00

One fund is one euro.

I got an early bird, How can I buy it now? 2017-04-15T20:21:13+00:00

If you got an early bird,we have added extra funds in your account. Use them to buy now your items.

How many funds I have for my early bird? 2017-04-15T20:20:25+00:00
  • Two funds for Reichsmarschall & Squire.
  • Four funs for the Command group.
  • Five funds for 12 Reichguard foot knights.
I will spend more than 60€, how can I get my FREE Arc Elector Bishop? 2017-04-15T20:19:06+00:00

If your order is over 60€ and you wish only one Arc Elector Bishop don’t add any in your basket. We going to ship one free with your order.

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